It was so much fun to be the Riverside California maternity photographer for my cousin Jessica! We are the same age—as a matter of fact, we graduated high school together—and I was thrilled to help her get ready for baby’s arrival with some amazing maternity pics!

Maternity photographer Riverside CA, pregnant woman in black bodysuit
Woman in black tulle maternity dress, Riverside maternity photos

As well as being Jessica’s first child, this little one is the first baby added to our family in over eight years. We were all super excited to welcome Xhaiden Harley (his middle name is in memory of my uncle, who passed away two years ago). So we ended up making this session a family affair, with Jessica as the model, me as the maternity photographer, and my aunt as assistant. We had a blast!

Maternity portraits California, gray maternity gown
Riverside CA maternity pictures, pregnant woman posing in gray maternity dress
Best maternity photographers California, woman posing in silver maternity gown

This gorgeous mom-to-be got to be the first to model some new gowns and a body suit that I’d recently purchased for the client closet. As a Riverside California maternity photographer, I like to provide my clients with lots of outfit options, and I’m always on the lookout for beautiful new dresses and fabrics my expecting mothers can use. (Take a look through the maternity portfolio for more outfit and setup ideas. I really do have something for everyone!)

Maternity photography near me Riverside CA, woman in gold maternity outfit

Speaking of fabrics, one thing that’s always fun (and beautiful) to do during a maternity photoshoot is a fabric toss. It gives an element of movement that is just gorgeous. Of course, while it looks elegant in the finished images, it’s also just kinda fun to do—especially when you’re with people you know well. My aunt was doing the fabric toss for us and we had a ton of laughs! Didn’t it turn out gorgeous though, especially with that wine red color?

Riverside maternity photographer, woman looking over shoulder with fabric toss
Maternity pictures Riverside, pregnant woman in wine red maternity gown looking at camera

What a great experience to spend some quality studio time with my cousin and aunt, capturing images of this exciting time! Congratulations, Jessica!